Coaching & Mentoring with Susan Beekman

You see a vague outline of the life you’re seeking, but your goals always seem to be just out of reach.

Susan Grace Beekman can help you to:
  • Move from confusion to clarity
  • Find your own inner direction
  • Create your life from a peaceful mind

Susan is a Master Coach and Instructor for Dr. Martha Beck, a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and a certified Spiritual Director skilled in contemplative listening and spiritual mentoring.

On the Horizon

February 15, 2015

No classes winter 2014/2015. Look for an excerpt from Susan’s upcoming book in February 2015. Click to stay in touch.

During the 2014 holiday season I’m to give myself a Big Present: a new knee, and the time to rehab from surgery. No new classes as I move into the quiet time of year. I’ll be listening and writing, and I’m determined to finish the book that has been on its way for three years. Stay tuned for that news in 2015, and sign up for my blog if you want to stay in touch.

June 24, 2015

Save the Date

Annual summer Breitenbush retreat with Grace Bell and Susan Grace is Wed Jun 24 – Sun Jun 28, 2015

Annual summer Breitenbush retreat with Grace Bell and Susan Grace is Wed Jun 24 – Sun Jun 28, 2015. Stay tuned for details!

Susan Grace Beekman

From the Blog

Major Gratitude for Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm

What’s the difference between major surgery and minor surgery? I’m at a special pre-op session led by the hospital physical therapist. I had no idea. Didn’t care. Hospitals aren’t my thing. I just wanted to get this knee replacement over with without breaking stride in my full life. I know. I missed the irony at that moment, but I get it now. I get the punch line to the joke, too. Minor surgery is someone else’s. Major surgery is mine.


Navigating the Sacred Spiral Path


I’m traveling with my friend Siri, she who is the little sister of Garmin and the daughter of Mapquest, the maker of all directions. Sometimes when I believe her, we go straight from Point A to Point B in the most efficient manner. And sometimes I end up making three left turns when I wanted to go right…or entering a freeway to go to another exit altogether, only to get off and find that I was where I wanted to go just before I got on the freeway in the first place.


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