Individual Coaching

Stop reacting to your life and begin creating a life that fits the real you. We’ll work together to question the thoughts that hold you back, based on your unique needs.

Sessions are designed to assist you in finding clarity with guidance for moving forward in your life with inspired action. Learn to live and make decisions with a clearer sense of your own truth, and leave with clear direction for your next steps.

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions in person, by phone, and via two-way video using iChat and Skype.

I also offer mentoring for long term clients. They’ve told me that they treasure having an ongoing relationship with a compassionate witness who knows their stories, their pasts, their longings. It’s a privilege to support a few select clients in this way.

Sessions can be purchased one at a time, or in reduced-rate packages.

Rates for Services

  • I offer one-on-one coaching or mentoring sessions in person, by phone, and via two-way video using iChat and Skype.
  • Sessions can be purchased one at a time, or in reduced-rate packages.

Single Session :

  • 60 minutes
  • $175

Sometimes just a session or two is all it takes to gain traction and move forward.

Momentum Package: Five Sessions for $750

Get Momentum Now

Individual coaching to cut through fog and support momentum in your life.

  • Includes email support.
  • New clients generally meet with me weekly for the first month, and bi-weekly or monthly afterward.

Many clients find that one package is enough to remove obstacles and experience real change. Others check in monthly as an ongoing commitment to themselves. All packages must be completed within six months unless other arrangements are made. Reduced fees at favorable rates for past clients or students. Contact me

Payment can be made through Paypal or by sending a check in advance to: Susan Beekman 3825 NW Hayes Corvallis, OR 97330

Gift to the Future Program

A portion of all profits are donated to the Dining for Women program, supporting grass roots movements that empower women and girls. More information at

  • Kitty FlewellingSo much more of myself is available for me to enjoy now and share.  I know it won’t be long before we speak again.  You are a wonderful mentor and Tribal Elder and I feel so grateful for you and all that comes through you.

    Kitty Flewelling

  • Angela Peterson Winter, M.M.Words can’t quite express how grateful I am for our work together.  I feel settled and free in a way I never have before and so much of my life-long story has ceased to upset me.  There is simply peace, trust, surrender… wholeness. (Most days anyway! :-) )  thank you for guiding me.

    Angela Peterson Winter, M.M.

  • Holly MittenEven coaches need coaching, now and then! Susan’s sensitive and intuitive probing was just what I needed.

    Holly Mitten, Intuitive Life and Healing Facilitator

  • Our conversations cause me to remember the place of riches and opportunity in which I stand, so I can’t help but move forward in bigger ways than I previously imagined possible. I have found in Susan a kindred spirit and a source of invaluable support. I’m sure you will too.

    Kathryn Lucatelli,

  • Susan brought new life to The Work, and revealed nuances that eluded me. How? She lives it. She stays with my thoughts, but more importantly gently leads me home.

    Debee DiMenichi

  • When I was beginning my coaching practice, I was wanting a skillful master to coach me through my fear and resistance so I could experience what it felt like to have the kind of support I wanted to provide for my people.

    Nona Jordan, the Business Yogini

  • When I asked her to help me move toward building my coaching practice, I thought I had things figured out and just needed a little support. But as my path toward this goal took turns I hadn’t anticipated, Susan saw me through confusion, fear, and heartbreak. I have accomplished what I asked for help with…and a great deal more.

    Suzanne Shafer, C.P.C.

  • Susan’s calming energy creates a judge-free, supportive space where I feel completely safe to explore the scary, uncomfortable corners in my mind and to playfully and gently dissolve my painful thoughts. I love how free and open I feel following a class led by Susan!

    Diane Hunter, Mind Body Coach,

Thanks to Anne Marie Polich for this artistic rendering of Hafiz's poetry.

Then stay with me
for I am not." - Hafiz.

Coaching for Coaches

Designed to help break through a stuck place and make a quick shift. Excellent for moving through a deeply held limiting belief on a core issue.

Even though we “do our own work” diligently, we’re sometimes limited by our own blind spots. Being facilitated by a trained coach often gives immediate traction to move forward.

Sometimes ongoing mentoring relationships evolve from initial momentum coaching. This allows me to serve as a witness and support for a few coaches as they continue their life’s work. I relish these special connections.

I also occasionally offer group workshops and teleclasses for coaches. Contact me to find out more.

Art by Anne Marie Polich

Upcoming Workshops, Retreats, and Teleclasses

Question Your Thinking, Change Your World: The Work of Byron Katie

June 24, 2015
Susan and Grace

Registration is now open! Call Breitenbush at (503) 854-3320

You can spend your life making yourself, others, or situations you encounter problems to be solved. Soon you’re at war with your body, your circumstances, the people you love, your life. Good news. You can end the war by questioning your thinking.

Using The Work of Byron Katie, we’ll dive beneath the beliefs we hold when we’re not being “spiritual” or “enlightened.” As you investigate judgments, without criticizing yourself for having them, you’ll find a gate to your own freedom. Who would you be without your story that you have a problem? YOU have the answer. Everyone will leave with the ability to bring peace to stressful beliefs using The Work. 26 CEUs for mental health professionals through the WA State Society for Clinical Social Work.

Wed Jun 24th – Sun, Jun 28th
$495 ($395 if registered by 5/1) plus lodging (Deposit equal to cost of lodging)

Grace Bell is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie working with people all over the world to wake up through investigating stressful stories.

Susan Grace Beekman, Certified Facilitator of The Work and Martha Beck Coach, has a private coaching practice and long-term experience facilitating The Work.

Call Breitenbush to register: 503.854.3320
For more info: Grace 206.650.1230 or or

  • I think The Work 101 compliments Martha Beck coach training perfectly; it adds depth, clarity, and a deeper understanding to the thought work we do in the Martha Beck training program.

    Kathy Zodiaco,

  • I was recently facilitated by a graduate of Susan’s The Work 101 for Coaches, and it took me so deep into my work and helped me move a mountain of a belief. If you can’t go to Katie’s School, take Susan’s class! You and your clients will be glad you did!

    Jenny Shih,

  • Her guidance opens sacred space for me. In her nourishing way Susan will guide you to your kinder self.

    Anne Marie Polich

  • Susan has such a unique and calming presence and talent at putting everyone at ease. I not only deepened my practice with ‘The Work’, but also learned so much about how to facilitate a group with grace, ease and transparency. It’s so refreshing.

    Lisa Alessi

  • I had no idea of how limited my use and understanding of The Work was until I had a chance to learn some of its depth and power in Susan’s class. This class will improve your coaching skills, and your life experience.

    Holly Mitten

  • Connie HermanSusan is an island of safety. The Work 101 made me so much more comfortable with the process.

    Connie Herman